Growth through innovation

We prepare companies and organisations to be and remain successful in a changing world. Norsu helps to grow new businesses through innovation and to sustain your current success by focusing on systematic improvement in a learning organisation.

What we do

Companies and organisations can contact Norsu for inspiration, tools, and consulting.


Inspiration Through workshops and presentations with inspiring examples, from other companies and organisations or even cross-industries, we show how others are tackling the challenges of the changing world.


Tools We have a toolbox with various tools to help companies and organisations in concrete terms. We implement established tools from others as well as the specialised tools we developed ourselves.


Consulting We will collaborate in the companies and organisations to have the change made on the spot, for, with and by the people, as a consultant.

Our approach

We work with two consultants on various topics: innovation, efficiency improvement, lean six sigma, quality assurance, audit. We work sector-wide and as a result we carry out very diverse projects in which we use our expertise, but also gain new experiences that we then can transfer to others.

Who we are

Peter BertelsPeter Bertels is fascinated by innovation and entrepreneurship. He founded Norsu in 2013. Peter helps companies to get started with innovation. He uses concepts such as design thinking, innovative business models and customer development. With an enthusiastic keynote, an in-depth workshop or a complete innovation boot camp: Peter stimulates your creativity and the creativity of your team and he gives you the tools and courage needed to actually put innovation into practice.

Paul BertelsPaul Bertels joined Norsu in 2016. He has a passion for system thinking and knowledge management and helps companies to become an effective, learning organisation. In workshops and trainings, Paul shares his insights and gives practical tips to improve your business performance. He is a results-oriented, operational manager who shares his industrial experience in SMEs and multinationals. He combines the insights of heavy business structures with the hands-on and no-nonsense approach of an SME. From a large production company to a small service organisation, Paul can help you increase your customer satisfaction.


In recent years we have achieved results for companies and organisations in education, agriculture, the healthcare sector, construction, the automotive industry, services, high-tech startups and even in fashion.

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